The Cleansing of Earth

                “The world is in motion.  Everything on it and within it moves with perfect attunement, adjusting the vibrational frequencies of the electronic pattern that filters thru the ethers; permeating the very heart and soul of Humanity. It is a New Radiation...The Heavenly Balm pouring out of the higher realms in a last all out effort to heal the ‘wounded Earthship’ and all  of its occupants.

                The ‘Doctors of Divinity’ are strategically placed—positioning themselves into each their own area of expertise.  They are well acquainted with ‘conditions’ of Earth, the world at large.  They aid in this growth pattern of Expansion and Ascension as tediously as does the mid-wife attending a precarious birthing process.

                Giant beams of Light and warm energy are projected onto the Mother Planet (Earth) to keep her stabilized and “in tune” with the Cosmic Surgery she is prepared for.  Her moments of doubt come to a swift end as she views the readiness of the Steady Hand about to perform that “necessary surgery”. The birthing pains will soon be forgotten, for the joy of that which is birthed eliminates the need for remembering.

                The All-Consuming Power of Love has conquered the Illusionary path of memory, and the moment of  NOW is ALL THAT IS!

                Be ALL THAT IS, in this Moment and rise to this occasion.  Roll with the flow of your World In Motion, that your journey will be smooth.  Become One with this Momentum as it covers you; and as you are carried along...with gentleness shall you be lifted!  You shall be filled! With Great Majesty shall you occupy your rightful place; wearing the Garment of the Beloved.  Universes will look upon your Golden Radiance as you reach your intended destination, for you are ...the Brightest Star in the Universe!”

       @ Jesus/Sananda thru Karita

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